Application solutions


Metal industry

TA-039 ZVO corrosion test with Metrohm-Minilab
TA-029Wet-chemistry tests and checks for surface finishings and treatments
TA-009 Monitoring of nickel sulfate, hypophosphite and alkalinity
TA-003Atline analysis system for monitoring the phosphatizing process of metal surfaces
MI-2008-1-KA-1Customer application: Determination of cyanide in process waters of the steel industry 
MI-2007-1-AP-1Application report: Monitoring a phosphating plant with ProcessLab
AN-V-200Thiourea in copper electrolytes in copper electrorefining plants
AN-V-173Lead in zinc sulfate solution
AN-V-169Lead in tin soldering contacts
AN-V-164Titan in a titan pickle bath
AN-V-163Iron in degreasing bath
AN-V-162Iron in deoxidation solution (oxalate method)
AN-V-160Palladium in an activator
AN-V-121Total iron in wastewater after UV digestion (Triethanolaminebromate method)
AN-V-080Germanium in lead
AN-V-076Cobalt in gold plating baths
AN-V-023Aluminum in an alkaline zinc oxide solution
AN-V-022Antimony and bismuth in an alkaline zinc oxide solution in one run
AN-V-010Zinc, cadmium, lead, copper, iron, nickel, and cobalt in NaOH in one run
AN-V-001Iron, cadmium, lead, and copper in cobalt acetate solution
AN-U-067Trace determination of transition metals with preconcentration (MiPCT), post-column reaction, and UV/VIS detection
AN-U-052Transition metal cations applying UV/VIS detection after post-column reaction with PAR (4-(2-pyridylazo)resorcinol)
AN-U-032Sulfide in a raw sodium vanadate solution by UV detection
AN-U-021Traces of nitrate in concentrated phosphoric acid with UV detection
AN-T-122Automatic thallium determination in aqueous solution using the ion-selective copper electrode (Cu ISE)
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