Application solutions

Impurities in hydrogen peroxide, isopropanol, etc.

Ion chromatographic applications are used to monitor etching, extracting and rinsing solutions. Analyses of impurities, e.g. in hydrogen peroxide or isopropanol, play a big role here. For this, an IC system is equipped with Inline Matrix Elimination. This rules out  any matrix effect and makes reliable analysis possible.

 Application example:

Impurities in hydrogen peroxide

Determination of 30% hydrogen peroxide spiked respectively with 10 μg/L F¯, Cl , NO2 , Br , NO3, PO43– and SO42–; column: Metrosep A Supp 5 -150/4.0; preconcentration column Metrosep A PCC 1 HC/4.0; eluent: 3.2 mmol/L Na2CO3 + 1.0 mmol/L NaHCO3, 0.8 mL/min; column temperature: 25 °C; sample volume: 20 μL