Application solutions

Heavy metal analysis in wastewater and process water

The strict regulations for environmentally compatible and efficient use of metals have always had a great impact on the operation of electroplating installations. With the 797 VA Computrace you are fully able to satisfy the requirements for heavy metal analysis in wastewater.

Not only wastewater, but also the process waters used need to meet strict criteria, depending on the particular use.

Whether you are determining the concentration of iron in boiler feed water or monitoring traces of metal in (rinsing) waters due to carryover –  with voltammetric system solutions from Metrohm you are on the safe side.

Analyte Sample
Tin Wastewater, process water
Iron Wastewater, process water
Zinc, cadmium, lead, copper Wastewater, process water
Nickel, cobalt Wastewater, process water
Chromium(total) Wastewater, process water
Mercury Wastewater
Arsenic Wastewater
NTA, EDTA Wastewater
Thallium Process water
Selenium Process water