Application solutions

Monitoring of wastewater and process water

In electroplating installations wastewater is produced at various points in the manufacturing process.

Depending on  the step in the process (degreasing, electroplating, passivating, pickling, etc.), this wastewater might be highly toxic and therefore require elaborate treatment, in order to eliminate any risks to humans and the environment.

Strict limits apply to the substances concerned and these need to be monitored throughout.

Metrohm offers you numerous solutions for analyzing process water and wastewater; with them you can optimize the productivity of your processes and ensure optimized compliance with environmental legislation.

Typical applications:

pH/conductivity applications

pH and conductivity measurement in wastewater
Ion chromatographic applications
Trace analysis to monitor wastewater and rinsing water
Voltammetric applications
Heavy metal analysis in wastewater and process water