Application solutions

Trace analysis to monitor wastewater and rinsing water

The advantages of ion chromatography are most apparent in the monitoring of wastewater, rinsing water and process water. Because of its versatility a wide range of questions concerning compliance with environmental regulations, effectiveness of cleaning steps or quality requirements can be answered during production.

Furthermore, ion chromatography makes it possible to detect impurities, carryover or discharges right down to the ng/L range.

An example of this is ultratrace analysis of anions and cations in ultrapure water:

 Trace analysis in waste water

Fully automatic and precise analysis of cation traces of ion exchange eluates: column: Metrosep C 3 - 150/4.0; preconcentration column: Metrosep C PCC 1 HC/4.0; eluent: 2.5 mmol/L HNO3, 1.0 mL/min; column temperature: 45 °C; sample volume: 10.0 mL