Application solutions

Monitoring alkaline zinc baths: zinc, sodium hydroxide and carbonate

To protect iron and steel components from corrosion, zinc continues to be the main material used as a protective coating.

The plating baths deposit zinc on the components electrolytically, thereby ensuring that the materials have a long life. The finishing baths are alkaline; over time the concentration of carbonates in them increases, impairing the deposition properties and cost efficiency of the process. The zinc that has been deposited has to be re placed, so the parts being galvanized are coated evenly.

The entire process chain, from cleaning of the components in degreasing baths and galvanizing through to passivating of the zinc coating on the finished item can be monitored with ProcessLab.


Schematic diagram of the various process stages in electrogalvanization. The various baths are:
1: Acid degreasing bath
2+3: Rinsing baths
4: Acid pickling bath
5+6: Rinsing baths
7: Alkaline zinc bath
8+9: Rinsing baths
10: Passivating bath
11+12: Rinsing and cleaning baths