Application solutions

Atline process analysis with ProcessLab

ProcessLab – robust, flexible and easy to use

ProcessLab is a robust and easy-to-use analysis system that is operated directly at the process line. With an IP 54 protection classification the system is able to withstand even the harshest process conditions.

The analysis system consists of a touch-screen TFT control unit, a customized analysis module and a sample delivery station. All modules are combined specifically for each customer according to applications.

Combination of analytical methods

ProcessLab combines various analytical methods on a minimal footprint: titration, direct potentiometry, voltammetry, photometry and spectroscopy. The same principle applies throughout: fully automatic processing of samples with robust and proven modules and thus process control with minimized errors.

Incorporation of instruments from other manufacturers

Many process baths are mixtures of several substances that cannot be determined using the usual wet chemical analysis methods. ProcessLab provides a number of interfaces for incorporating instruments from other manufacturers to determine density, surface tension or refractive index.