Application solutions

Online process analysis

ADI 2040


Customized process control
Online analyzers from Metrohm Applikon are designed for continuous operation and enable fully automatic monitoring of process baths in electroplating and PCB manufacturing – round the clock, seven days a week.

There are no limits: whether your requirement is for one sample stream or several sample streams, for a single parameter or multiple parameters, Metrohm Applikon will configure the right system for you. 

Proven wet chemistry methods
Metrohm Applikon online analyzers are based on wet chemistry methods such as titration, photometry and measurements with ion-selective electrodes. For these methods, sampling and sample preparation are at least as important as the analysis itself. 

Metrohm Applikon has great expertise in this field and configures the sampling system to exactly fit your application including, e.g., filtration, sample taking from pressurized containers or degassing.

All Applikon online analyzers come with digital and analog data outputs. Thus, results can be transmitted using the usual process signals and alarms triggered by digital outputs. Or digital inputs can be employed for remote start/stop commands.

Robust design
Applikon analyzers are designed for the rigorous demands of the production environment. The housings meet the specifications of NEMA 4 and protection class IP66.