Application solutions

CVS (Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping)

 CVS System

Complete voltammetry systems – the right system for each application
Metrohm’s MVA systems are ready-to-use packages, which are customized to suit the needs of the electroplating and semiconductor industries. Depending on your requirements, there are extended MVA accessory kits available for specific applications; use these to enhance the capabilities of the MVA basic system.

MVA-12 – system for additive determination with CVS
The MVA-12 is the standard system for routine determination of organic additives in individual samples. Automatic addition of auxiliary solutions such as VMS, intercept or standard solutions is carried out with Dosinos. For brightener determination the sample only has to be added manually. In the case of suppressor determination, this is also done automatically.

MVA-13 – fully automatic determination of organic additives in sample series
The MVA-13 is the high-end system for the determination of additives in electroplating baths with the samples being added automatically by an 838 Advanced VA Sample Processor. The suppressor content of up to 56 samples can be determined. When determining brighteners, up to 28 samples can be analyzed. Various methods can also be combined in a single measuring procedure.