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Voltammetry is an electrochemical analytical method that provides information on – among other substances – the type and amount of metals contained in a dissolved sample on the basis of a current-voltage relationship. The importance of voltammetry is based on its high degree of accuracy and sensitivity, the possibility of speciation analysis and the good price-to-performance ratio.

Precise measurements even in the presence of high salt concentrations
The particular challenge for analysis in the electroplating sector are the large quantities of salts typically contained in electroplating samples. For such samples, many measuring techniques can at best provide unsatisfactory results; others cannot provide any results at all.

Here, electrochemical analysis is able to demonstrate its strengths; the disadvantage for other methods is transformed into a big advantage: large amounts of salt equal good conductivity, which is a prerequisite for electrochemical analysis.

Furthermore, the infrastructure required for a voltammetric measurement system requires hardly any expenditure. All it needs is electricity and a supply of nitrogen. Ventilation, flammable gases and associated safety requirements are no issues.