Application solutions

Ion chromatography

850 Professional IC – solution for demanding tasks
The 850 Professional IC System can be used both to analyze acid baths and for trace analysis of impurities in ultrapure water, rinsing solutions and adsorption solutions.Because of the system’s self-monitoring functions operating errors are virtually eliminated. 

Owing to the complete automation, including Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation (MISP), the system can be recommended both for routine analysis and for complex applications in research and development.

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850 Professional IC Cation
850 Professional IC AnCat – MCS
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818 Compact IC pro – predestined for routine analysis
The 881 Compact IC pro is the ideal solution for routine analysis, if the focus is on only one application. Like the 850 Professional IC, the 881 Compact IC pro is also equipped with intelligent hardware components.

Together with the MagIC NetTM ion chromatography software the system enables intuitive operation.

Just like the 850 Professional IC, the 881 Compact IC pro can be automated in various ways and complemented by Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation Techniques.

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