Application solutions

Ion chromatography

 Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation

Save time and costs with automated sample preparation
Ion chromatographic analyses can be automated easily and efficiently; interfering matrix effects can be avoided by choosing the appropriate detection method or combining the sample delivery with one of our numerous Inline Sample Preparation Techniques. 

Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation Techniques in surface coating:

  • Inline Ultrafiltration to remove particles from various samples
  • Inline Dialysis for ion analysis in emulsions and soap-containing rinsing solutions
  • Inline Dilution to monitor acid baths and component analysis of electroplating bath  solutions
  • Inline Matrix Elimination to analyze rinsing solutions such as isopropanol
  • Inline Preconcentration for trace analysis in ultrapure water
  • Inline Neutralization and Inline Cation Removal for analyzing impurities in electroplating baths
  • Intelligent Partial-Loop Injection Technique guarantees variability and simplicity in your analysis
  • Read more about Metrohm Inline sample preparation on misp.metrohm.com